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Use the new OSR Starsaver to visualize your star any time of the day. Name a star by choosing one of our beautiful gift options and wide selections of gift themes. Personalize your star by choosing a constellation, star name, and star date.

  1. We are the official and original Star Registration Service.
  2. When you buy a star we will assign and file one in The Register based on your criteria, including the name.
  3. My daughter lost her father and I thought no better way to keep her spirits up by naming a star after him.
  4. We are a star-naming company that has partnered up with the Star Register in order to make it possible to name stars in the night sky for private individuals.

I got the star for my wife for her Christmas present, She absolutely loves it. She tells me that it is the best present she has ever been given. We live in the country so the stars are out every night and she can be found gazing every evening.I can’t praise Star registration enough for their product and service it was magnificent. Excellent customer service when I needed to contact them, speedy and helpful. If you ever want to get a gift for someone I strongly recommend getting them a star. Customized certificate detailing the star name, astronomical coordinates and personal message, printed on our 220gsm museum grade parchment paper which is embossed and foiled in gold.

These efforts have stemmed from necessity, as sometimes designations or names have been ambiguous or confusing. Importantly, these efforts have not been commercial. We are proud to be the exclusive partner of, the premier registry for naming stars. When you purchase a star with us, it will be registered on their platform, and you can access it anytime using their dedicated iOS and Android App.

How is it possible to name a star?

What a world of difference in your app from when I wrote you last time. Such a delight to use, I am now compelled to read Greek serverless architecture Mythology. My daughter lost her father and I thought no better way to keep her spirits up by naming a star after him.

This is a special and unique gift that can be enjoyed every time you look up at the night sky. It is beautiful and beyond my expectations and the fact you responded to my email so promptly just makes me want to recommend your company to everyone I know. Thank you for providing the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion,or person. I will definitely be using your service again. Thank you so much to OSR for such amazing service and attention to detail.

For more information, visit the How to Buy a Star Name page on Deluxe Pack consists of bright and visible constellation (zodiac) stars which can be seen in major cities. Included is an elegant gift pack consisting of a personalized Certificate of Registration, Star Chart & Photo with the exact coordinates of the star, photobook, space Atlas and a limited edition Lunar Land voucher.

Online Star Gift

No better way to express your love towards another. You will receive two unique certificates with their personal dedication message. All orders are processed within 1 hour of being received.

Our digital packs come with a selection of luxuriously presentable gift items. You can give a unique gift that will last a lifetime to someone special when you buy a Name a Star Gift Package from the original star naming service. Whenever we come up with new ways to visualize your star, we will add them to your original gift package for FREE, so you can always locate your star in the night sky. You’re naming a real star, which can not only be located in the night sky, but it can also be found within the breathtaking One Million Stars project and with the OSR Star Finder App. You can completely personalize your gift, and you can even invite friends and family to sign the guestbook on the special Star Page. In addition, the recipient will also receive a completely personalized, theme-based gift pack.

What a day; it was simply amazing and STARtling and it definitely had me swept off my feet. Naming a star, who could ever imagine that. It definitely has been my best birthday ever and I would like to thank the whole team of the Online Star Register website for being a part of my birthday and for making it very memorable and special. I recieved the gift of the Online Star Register (name a star) for my 26th birthday by my girlfriend. She took me blindfolded to the beach on the night of my birthday and asked me the one thing I’d give her to express my love for her.

Each order is astronomically verified with a specific coordinate in space, making them easily findable by simply searching! Our upgraded pack includes a printed star chart & photo of your named star. You can buy a Name a Star gift and present it to friends, relatives, or loved ones for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, retirement, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other occasion.

Yes, star registration is legit when done through a recognized organization like The Name A Star Registry is a service provided by organizations like that allows individuals to dedicate a star to someone as a unique and sentimental gift. These services maintain a record an intro to git and github for beginners tutorial of the named stars in their own registry, such as the Central Star Register. It is important to note that the star names assigned by these services are not officially recognized by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). Naming a star after someone who has passed away can be a meaningful tribute.

Your phone will exactly guide your eyes to the position of the star at any time of the day. Thanks to our many years of experience and streamlined processes, we can quickly register your star and ship your documents within just 2 hours. And to make things even more convenient, we will also send your documents as a PDF in advance. When you buy a star we will assign and file one in The Register based on your criteria, including the name. Then using patented technology, we’ll allow anyone to search and view the star in the cosmos.

A countdown timer will appear giving the community five minutes to come together and hit a Stars goal. Creators who complete a Stars Party will receive a $50 bonus for each one from Dec. 22, 2021 through the top 5 most common ux mistakes web designers make Jan. 3, 2022, Facebook says. Give the best of our universe with the Super Star Gift. OSR’s most magical gift includes the digital documents, plus out of this world extra’s to keep you exploring.

Factsheet & App

These presentation packs are perfect for those who are gifting their named stars. My son is 8 years old and I love him dearly. He is a star in whatever he does; however when my husband suggested that I should name a star after him, I was truly amazed and curious.

Then, he guided me about your name a star after someone service and guess what, I loved it. I was truly amazed by your fast delivery and excellent customer service. Now my son is happily telling all his friends that he has a star named after him. Who could have ever imagined that you can send a name a star gift to your loved ones on special occasions! This year, I was really excited about what my birthday present is going to be from my husband on my birthday on May 8th. He is always surprising me every year with romantic little presents.

Why Star Registration

We are a star-naming company that has partnered up with the Star Register in order to make it possible to name stars in the night sky for private individuals. Simply enter your registration number, and our app will guide you to the named star. After you’ve placed your order, we will package it up and send it digitally, or if you upgrade, send in our award winning personalized & elegant certificate pack. I would sincerely like to thank name a star for their prompt service every time I needed them. Each time I have used the Online Star Register website for sending a gift, the recipients have been pleasantly surprised and excited about naming a star after them. One individual can name several stars in the night sky.

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